Terms & Conditions of your Guarantee:

We are pleased to Guarantee the Cabinets, Doors / Drawers, Internal mechanisms, Hinges of your new kitchen for an extended period of 25 years in addition to the Manufacturers Guarantees.

In order for Us to fairly and consistently honour that Guarantee We ask that:

  • You must personally have purchased the items from Us and be able to provide a proof of purchase.
  • We must have installed the items in order for the Guarantee to be valid (Supply only kitchens are guaranteed for a period of 10 Years).
  • The 25 year Guarantee period runs from the date of delivery to your property.
  • The 25 year Guarantee applies to cabinets, doors, drawer fronts, internal mechanisms & hinges.
  • We will rectify defects which are clearly attributable to material and/or manufacturing faults, provided they are reported immediately after being identified, in writing, and within the Guarantee period.
  • The following are excluded from the Guarantee;
    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Failures resulting from use for anything other than a residential Kitchen or Bedroom.
    • Damage caused by incorrect fitting by¬†installers other than our own.
    • chips / dents / scratches.
    • Any water ingress or damp howsoever caused.
    • Variations in the colour and structure of the product which would normally be considered to occur over the period of time.
    • Variations in the colour and structure of the product caused by sunlight covering certain parts of the room and not others.
    • Appliances, sinks, taps, work tops, handles, internal storage mechanisms.
    • Any Fitting or Labour costs of any agreed replacements are not covered.
    • Should you require a replacement part that is no longer available we will use a suitable replacement part of our choice of at least the same quality.
    • Should you require a replacement door or drawer front that is no longer available (i.e it has been discontinued) we will replace the item with a product as similar as possible to the original in style & quality. The guarantee does not provide for the replacement of every door or drawer front in this circumstance.
    • Repair or exchange does not extend the original Guarantee period and it does not result in a new Guarantee.
    • The Guarantee is held by the original purchaser of the Kitchen or Bedroom and is not transferable.
    • These terms and conditions shall apply in their current version and do not affect your Statutory Rights as applicable at the time of purchase.
Privacy Policy:

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